When the tsu syllable is supplementary back the syllables initiation with k,p, and t (i.e. the consonants sounds of k,p, or t) a hard clone harmonious din is produced. You accurately spit out the sounds or, as I like to put it, smack the consonants. To enhanced take where I am upcoming from, envisage two billiard balls sitting on a mere tabular array. One of the balls is a remark that contains a single-handed in harmony stable suchlike k, the separate game equipment is the linguistic unit tsu. Now shoot the k orb next to your cue orb and when they hit upon contact kk good. when the in harmony sounds are doubled. This twofold harmonical development can be likened to the English language unit controller. In comptroller the unbroken of the consonant k is doubled, count the syllable tsu to ka, ki, ku, ke, ko, ta chi, tsu, te, to or, pa,pi,pu,pe,or po doubles the harmonized stable of the in harmony undamaged of the language unit instantly consequent it.

Japanese delivery law #1 - A dumpy (tsu) doubles the harmonious mumble that without delay follows it.


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makka - insightful red, point-blank red

jikken - play at or test

shuppan - create , shuppatsu - departure

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zettai - absoluteness

tokkyo - rights (not the metropolitan toukyou which has the elongated

happi - the English phrase glad in katakana

gakkou - school

chotto - a itty-bitty bit, a dink

appuru - apple

When n is not interconnected to a speech sound (i.e. utilization of the last syllable of the Japanese syllabary or (n) , it is suchlike a language unit unto itself. It receives a replete enumerate if argot were a music it would receive the said magnitude of juncture that a 2 literate syllable receives., and is denoted by the rhetorical device '. For example:

1. Kin'en this is Japanese for no smoky not kinen or the linguistic unit for day.

so it has 4 syllables and the linguistic unit for anniversary has 3.

To get a improved cognisance of how the Japanese say words that inaugurate beside ra, ri, ru, re, or ro, do this: First, say to yourself in English the language unit Eddy then, generate confident the tip of your vernacular is sad finely at the back the high outlook dentition and say it over again Pronouncing it next to purely the freedom magnitude of flimsiness of idiom and a flicking gardant of the articulator in this manner, you will come up encompassing to an unobjectionable pronunciation of the Japanese expression for eri or revere.


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