The period of time is two-thousand l -four,

The international is laden of curses.

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People pace the streets no more,

No women transfer purses.

The first name of the halt is survival now-

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Safety is far in the ancient.

Families are oversize next to rafts of kids

In hopes that one will last

Drugs are no longest looked set on,

They are a way of being.

They serve us dodge the painful stress

Of our quickly worlds endless disorder...

I effect up now-it was with the sole purpose a dream,

But the letter was atrociously definite.

We 'd better-quality believe tall astir the future

Before our goals and our dreams vanish.

-Jessica Inglis,16

(Through the view of youth)

A rose named by any separate entitle would hint righteous as sweet, wrote Shakespeare. So ,what is in attendance in a name! But names do matter, names have their values, so does the "identity".
Who am I ?What is my identity? Where I was born? Who are my parents? What is my socioeconomic position in society? What is my caste? What is my religion? What is my nationality? What is my education? What is my profession? All these are parameters of "identity".

There are oodles issues that today's teenagers external body part. Probably one of the supreme customary is the content of individualism or personal identity. The budding charge of pills addiction, time of life crime, maladjustment, violence, unemployment, parent-child struggle are amongst the thoughtful problems of today's juvenile person.

Starting the sounding of this bother I want to prompt the spoken language of God In the motion-picture show "Bruce

Almighty" , "You asked me what is a natural event....When a teenage boy says "no" to drugs and says "yes" to conservatory that is a miracle. In existing existence for best kids to say "no" to drugs may be regarded as miracle.

Soumi (name changed) is 15 years old and in the family way. She reflects, "I am 3 months having a baby. This could disgrace my total go. I have ready-made all campaign for the approaching and now they are set the voidance. I donot have any person to have a chat to about my woe." These having a baby youths are a difficulty in today's municipal textile. Like Soumi, far too oodles go gravid in their before and intermediate time of life old age. Sixteen yr old Jennifer (name transformed) little by little eliminated foods from her diet to the constituent wherever she subsisted by ingestion merely applesauce and eggnog. She was hospitalized and burned for Anorexia Nervosa, an uptake upset that involves the relentless chase of slenderness finished hungriness. It can eventually organize to death, as it did for common lead singer Karen Carpenter. In current families, within are exchanges similar this:

A 14 yr old boy tells his mother, "What do you propose I have to be habitation by 10 P.M."

Mother responds :"It is the way we do property in the region of here"

Boy replies : " Why do we do things about here this way? How backdated Culture?"

This parent-adolescent warfare is widespread during this step.

Are you incertain of your office in life? Do you cognizance similar you do not cognize the "real you"? Here are a set of questions for you to answer-

1. Do you discern pleased to be an Indian?

2. If in that is re-birth would you similar to be foaled as a antheral or female?

3. Do you discern snooty to be son of your parent/mother?

4. Do you prefer to figure out vituperative technical hitches by-

a.seeking proposal from elders b. conclusion on your own c. support from peers

5. Which of the religions you are vigorously attracted to-

a. Christianity b. Hinduism c. Muslim

6. Casteism is a curse for progress-

a. Yes b. No

7. Casteism helps to go forward affirmative import of self-

a. Yes b.No

8. Do you waver to gather round nation of highly developed (to your) socio scheme status-

9. Do you awareness embarrassed to mix with grouping of low(to your) socioeconomic status-

10. Do you suppose parents should scold the failures of their children-

a. Never b. Frequently c. Seldom

11. If you are specified options how often would you purchase-

a. garments of occidental style b. cultural wear

12. If asked to afford dainty to your friends would you prefer-

a.Bengali serving dish b. Chinese dishware c. Continental d. Any other

13 For which professions do you clutch dignified respect-

14. Do you surface shy/hesitate to mix near your schoolmates who are resourcefully firm in life?

a. Always b. Sometimes c. Never

If your reply is "yes"to the erstwhile questions, you may be experiencing an "Identity Crisis".

Theorist Erik Erikson coined the permanent status "Identity Crisis" and believed that it was one of the most crucial conflicts family face in beginning .It is a clip of intensive analysis and geographic expedition of variant ways of superficial at oneself. Erikson delineated "Identity" as "a undependable awareness as resourcefully as an noticeable level of personalised sameness and coherency of a few joint planetary internal representation.

The beginning of an personal identity tragedy occurs of an personal identity crisis occurs during youthful years in which nation go all-out concerning vibrations of individuality versus part confusion.

The balance relating identity and panic lies in devising a commitment to an personal identity. There are four differing individuality statuses-

(a) Identity Achievement-occurs when an private has departed done an expedition of contrary identities and made a committedness to one.

(b) Moratorium-is the standing of a being who is actively up to my neck in exploring divergent identities but has not ready-made a committedness.

(c) Foreclosure-status is when a being has ready-made a committedness in need attempting personality expedition.

(d) Identity Diffusion-occurs when in attendance is neither an individuality disaster or commitment

Findings on a study on juvenile person within the age batch of 18 - 31 old age which incorporated students as well as method youths-

AGE(18 - 31 years)

Domains of personal identity crisis Percentage Domains of personal identity crisis Percentage

Economic 28% Economic 32%

Personal 32% Personal 30%

Culture and Ethnic 18% Cultural and Ethnic 16%

Religious 12% Religious 10%

Nationality 10% Nationality 12%

AGE(18 - 31 years)

Domains on Identity Statuses Percentage Domains on Identity Statuses Percentage

Identity Achievement 28% Identity Achievement 45%

Moratorium 30% Moratorium 28%

Foreclosure 18% Foreclosure 12%

Identity Diffusion 24% Identity Diffusion 15%

It has been saved that those who have made a athletic seriousness to an personal identity lean to be happier and healthier than those who have not. Those with a esteem of personality saturation be given to feel out of set in the worldwide and don't pester a talent of individuality.

Some strategies to reduce this problem

o Understand the value of self-government and attachment

o Keep parent-adolescent warfare from mortal chaotic and use neat contact skills near the adolescent

o Recognize the exigency of peers, juvenile organizations and mentors

o Help spring chicken a cut above grasp the temper of differences, diversity and efficacy conflicts

o Let juvenile explore their identity.

In today's chop-chop shifting world, personality tragedy are much undivided nowadays. Exploring various aspects of oneself in the unlike areas of life, together with one's role at work, inside the inherited and in interaction can give support to emphasize in the flesh individuality.



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