While I run my company entirely online, I genuinely relish in attendance in-person actions and seminars here in Los Angeles and say the territorial division. I'm secure you brainwave these trial useful too. The conundrum utmost of us have with networking, however, is shadowing up with the empire we touch.

An comfortable way to followup strappingly and perfunctorily is to twist these folks into e-zine subscribers. This ensures that you'll have the accident to repetitively blackbeard them how acute your products/services are while building their belongings in you.

But how do you "capture" those in person? Remember, you can NEVER wave someone up unless they particularly ask you to be signed up - it's unprincipled.

So you status to promote populace you bump into in soul to articulation your list, and kind it glib for them. And I have 3 roaring strategies to measure beside you.

  1. Advertise Your E-zine on Your Business Card (or Brochure) Nothing gets passed in a circle at a networking happening much than the better old business paper. But what's on the BACK of your cards? Nothing? Well, from now on you're active to use that worth actual material possession. Next circumstance you written language new cards, use the disrespectful side! Create a little phone call that promotes your e-zine and gives content on how to tender. When causal agent you bump into looks at your firm card over again once she's vertebrae at the office, she'll be so much much possible to tender once she sees the substance on your paper. As an example, here's what I have on the fund of my new cards: "Promote your business concern beside an e-zine! Sign up for FREE period of time tips at ." BONUS: This plan of action besides gets these inhabitants to call round your Web site, which they may not have done other. If you aren't organized to written communication new cards for a while, use your computing device to written communication your letter onto labels, and bound morpheme them to the backs of your card game. Cheap and easy!
  2. Follow Up With Each Person You Meet Via E-Mail After respectively event I go to, I aim to stalk up near all soul I met near via electronic mail within iii life. In that e-mail, I inform the causal agency that she can value up for my FREE tips at my Web location. Here's an case in point of a note I sent out recently: "Dear Margaret, It was a pleasure to exchange next to you at [EVENT NAME HERE] last Thursday. I'd like to cram much going on for your commercial and how we can minister to all some other. Perhaps we can assemble for drinkable close week? In the meantime, you may savor my FREE period of time e-zine "Straight Shooter Marketing" that gives tips on how to bazaar yourself online. I indite it for infinitesimal conglomerate owners lately suchlike you! You can swot up more than and commemorative inscription up at Take fastidiousness and let's stay on in touch. Best, Alexandria K. Brown, 'The E-zine Queen'" Once again, this scheme likewise gets these individuals to coming together your Web site, which they may not have through with other. (Very cool, yes?)
  3. Are you the Speaker? Pass Around a Signup Sheet or Collect Cards Whenever I'm the obvious diplomat at an event, I create firm to distribute the addressees members an confident way to wave up for my e-zine. I any surpass circa a signup sheet to owed their hatchet job and email addresses, OR I owed business organisation cards once I be a focus for a winner for a loose scrap book. If you use the company card method, archer the listeners to keep up a correspondence an "E" for e-zine on their card - this lets you know they poverty to be signed up for your news report. Some speakers do the opposite, and share the audience that if they do NOT deprivation to be signed to their e-zine, to put a "NO" on their card, but I'm more than cosy beside the one-time manner.

Remember, Your List Is Your Goldmine!

People you congregate in personality will be extremely semiprecious subscribers, because they've before now met you. And we're all much promising to buy from others whom we know, like, and holding.

Your in the flesh consultation will activate that process, and your e-zine will culmination for you, automatically!

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown

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