A extremely impelling and fluent plan of action once merchandising something is to market its benefits as recovered as its features.

Very simply, features are what thing has; benefits are what those features do for you.

For example, if you're commercialism your in use Oldsmobile, one of the features you power try out is its capacious upper body.

If you centering solitary on the feature, you'll say, "This car has a wide upper body." (Yawn) But if you further that part beside its benefit, you could say, "The upper body is substantial. You can get three suitcases and your golf bag in here for a flight to Disneyland and inactive have plentifulness of freedom for all the souvenirs you'll poverty to bring forward home!" See how that makes a much violent impression?

The potential purchaser can conceive of how this car with its bulky upper body can variety packing for his close journey more than easier. Use the said manoeuvre for all portion of the car, and (Ka-ching!) you have a some quicker sale.

When you're preparing your pick up or respondent questions during an interview, you're commerce yourself, so use that said tactic: put up for sale your benefits along beside your features! Here's how:

Consider these emblematic "features" a job competitor may well approach during an interview:

o 10 Years of Experience

o Ability to Type 90 Words Per Minute

o Strong Organizational Skills

o Dedicated

o Excellent Communicator

o 2004 Administrator of the Year, Acme International Inc.

Those are beautiful brilliant. Now let's see how you can go round those "features" into "benefits:"

o Feature: 10 Years of Experience. Benefits: "I know what to think likely in this variety of position; I've handled this hue of employment before; I won't need noticeably training or supervision; I'll hit the earth moving and will beginning producing fitting distant."

o Feature: Ability to Type 90 Words Per Minute. Benefits: "I can get your 10-page reports done in smaller amount than an hour; I will velocity up your industry move."

o Feature: Strong Organizational Skills. Benefits: "I'll sustenance path of your plan so you'll ever be on time and have the materials you need; I will be able to vigorously acquire any document; I will rank my employment to ensure the furthermost unfavourable projects are don e first; I will store you time; I'll aid you brand your administrator glad."

o Feature: Dedicated. Benefits: "I will encouragement the company's overall search and do whatever I can to assist succeed it; I won't whinge roughly rugged work or long-range hours; I will steadfastly do my job to the unexcelled of my qualifications."

o Feature: Excellent Communicator. Benefits: "I will confidently be able to elasticity you and your force the message you and they need, whether in communicatory or scrivened form; I will be competent to arrange so much of your correspondence, relieving you of that duty; I will release you instance and hard work."

o Feature: Administrator of the Year, 2003, Acme International Inc. Benefits: "I'm severely good enough at what I do, and you don't have to filch my name for it - here's data that others have customary my skill, professionalism, and excellent contributions."

Even much impressive! See how that works? A "feature" is good. But even better is answering the hiring manager's tongueless question, "So why is that important?" You do that by commerce your "benefits."

Make a listing of your own features and their corresponding benefits. Learn to boost these benefits to your latent employer. Do this in your sleeve letter, your resume, and during your interview to produce a impressive mark.

You will SELL yourself into a new job!



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